Dedicated Motivated Fitness


When you think fitness you most likely think, walk in the gym, check in, workout, walk out and you are done with fitness for the day.
When you walk into DM, you feel the positive energy, you check in, you are greeted, given a high five and most likely will hear your name or another greeting from across the gym. Thats Steven and he is the founder of DM. Yes he owns the gym but not on his own. You too are or will become an owner of DM. Steven makes it clear that without you, there is no DM. So needless to say, we have an open door policy and members are always asked for their feedback.
When you walk in DM we look forward to seeing you and you'll look forward to seeing us. Don't worry, we understand body language and will respect you wearing your headphones.
We understand there are days when you want to get in to release some stress and get out.
At DM we know the importance of feeling good, looking good and staying motivated and it takes all three to make it a lifestyle. We know that with feeling good you are most likely are healthy and with being healthy you look good and its a lot easier to stay motivated.
We don't stop their!
Fitness should not stop when you leave our facility. We want to see your hard work at the work gym, show up in your lifestyle. Your health or age shouldn't prevent you from enjoying fun vacations, community service and other activities that involve the ability to function physically.
Some ask, what does community service have to do with fitness and why is DM so involved with the community?
We believe that we all need someone to remind us that someone cares. Its easy to find yourself enjoying life a little more after a few visits at DM but its even more rewarding when you walk out of DM and you realize how much you are changing the community. It gives you a little more accountability. But be prepared! Wearing a DM shirt in our community may get you a random high five at the local grocery store. ITS AN AMAZING FEELING!
The community will associate you with all our charity events even if you do not attend them. DM always gives the credit to our members and supporters, you.
So come be a part of something bigger than a gym, come be part of THE DM MOVEMENT! 
We look forward to having you in our FITFAM and helping you become stronger mentally and physically.  

We offer a bit of everything!

We enjoy small group challenges to build a stronger team and reach individual goals.

After 9 hours of rucking through the city with 20lbs of food on our back, we do one more drill to simulate our strength to always pull each other up, even when we have nothing left

Being involved with challenges that show respect for those who sacrifice so much for our freedom, is a must!

Steven anf MPD Chief at local 12 news spreading the word about Das leadership luncheon

If you are ready to have a birthday party that is full of fun, we will guarantee you have exactly that!