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Bill Sargent

I've always considered myself pretty fitness minded.  I coached gymnastics for 9 years and love the gym atmosphere.  However, it wasn't until I had my kids and started training at Dedicated Motivated did I really find my true passion and love for fitness.  I needed an outlet, something just for me and our babysitter/friend said I had to try DM.  She told me how much I would love it, so I gave it a go and was hooked after the 1st class.   I've tried all different training methods, but nothing compares to DM.

I'm 43 years old and stronger now than ever...mind and body.  DM has changed my life, mentality and set me on my dream path.  I've been training here for nearly 6 years.  I've worked hard and developed the DM mentality to think positively, help others, inspire as well as be inspired by others, and GO HARD everyday.  My motto is "Be stronger today than yesterday mind and body!!" I'm highly self motivated and love to challenge myself and in turn challenge and motivate others through my passion.  I've been on all sides of the fitness realm; 30 pounds overweight, underweight and at a comfortable weight, no muscle, toned, and more muscle.  I know the struggles first hand as well as the triumphs, so I can relate to most.

You can find me at DM most mornings between 9:00 and 11:00.   My trainings are compiled of a variety of methods: balance, core, high and low intensity, slow movements, lifting, body weight, and kettle balls.  I love getting creative during my trainings and Steven Hartman encourages his team to think outside the box allowing us the opportunity to be our unique selves! No judgement just "be you" here!! If you have any questions or just want a meet and greet feel free to stop by and see me.  I would be happy to share my journey!

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