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Dedicated Motivated Fitness Danielle Ward

Danielle Ward

I found myself at Dedicated Motivated taking Teresa's Zumba classes a couple years after my second pregnancy.  I had always been involved in sports and activities until my 30's, when a move to the Middletown area and two kids later left me feeling slightly lonely, not knowing many people, too busy to find time to work out and very sluggish & unhealthy (and in total denial of my weight gain).  

I was invited to a Zumba class one evening and even though I thought I wouldn't, I loved it!!  I immediately loved the energy, not only from Teresa, but the gym itself.  A few months later my sister-in-law and I began personal training with Steven.  His energy was definitely contagious and with some guidance from him both physically and mentally, I decided to become serious about my health and make taking care of my body a top priority.  Things snowballed from there as I came on to work the front desk at DM and then later became a motivator/trainer.  When you're surrounded by like-minded people who have helped you, you become a better version of yourself.   It almost becomes a mission to want to help others in that same way and is now my goal ~ one member at a time!

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